Notification of Server Upgrade (Updated)

March 15, 2024

Dear Client,

As part of our commitment to provide the most reliable service to our clients, there will be MT5 server, VT APP and Client Portal maintenance this weekend.

The MT4 software remains unaffected by this maintenance and will continue to facilitate transactions without interruption.

Maintenance Hours :
16th of March 2024 (Saturday) 00:00 – 24:00 (GMT+3)

Please note that the following aspects might be affected during the maintenance:

1. The password for your MT5 trading account is set to be reset, once you log into the MT5, you will be asked to reset the trading account password. Also, you can log into your client portal to reset the password.

2. The order “number” associated with your trading account will be renewed. Except for the order number, all other settings of the position will remain unchanged.

3. Please be advised that your MT5 Demo account is set to expire. Should you require continued access, kindly create a new MT5 demo account through the client portal.

4. Kindly be advised that the functionality of the Client Portal and VT APP will be temporarily unavailable during the maintenance period, thereby hindering normal login operations. It is strongly recommended to refrain from engaging in account service management activities throughout the maintenance period.

5. The price quote and trading management will be temporarily disabled during the maintenance. You will not be able to open new positions, close open positions, or make any adjustments to the trades.

6. Should you be using the MT5 PAMM service, it is imperative to be mindful of the following considerations:

6-1. Open positions will be automatically closed if the Master fails to close them before the update on March 16th. It is suggested that the Master closes the open positions in advance.

6-2. The history on the PAMM Portal will be reset and saved in the “Archive”. On the PAMM portal, Money Manager can turn on “Show archive” button to see the history records.

6-3. The High Water Mark (HWM) value will be reset. However, we will retain the latest HWM before the update. Therefore, any excessively generated Performance Fee (PMF) will be deducted and returned to the investors until the PMF is charged with the correct amount.

There might be a gap between the original price and the price after maintenance. The gaps between Pending Orders, Stop Loss and Take Profit will be filled at the market price once the maintenance is completed. It is advised to exercise diligence in monitoring position control.

Please refer to MT5 for the latest update on the completion and market opening time. Our services will be back online once the maintenance is completed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding about this important initiative.

If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]