27 April 2024
Strong dollar, weak dollar: Navigating the forex tides

In the fast-paced world of forex trading, understanding the ever-shifting tides of currency strength is crucial for success. For forex CFD (contract for difference) traders, particularly those focusing on the U.S. dollar (USD), deciphering terms like “strong dollar” and “weak …

31 October 2023
4 Common Types of Traders (Featuring Your Fave Disney Toons)

Adventurous day trader or considered value investor—what type of trader are you? Here are 4 common types of traders and their perfect Disney counterparts.

18 October 2023
4 Trading Concepts Explained with Marvel’s Avengers

Trying to make sense of the tricky world of trading? Get some help from your favourite Marvel superheroes with these four key concepts explained.

27 September 2023
4 Common Mistakes Spider-Man Wants Traders to Stop Making

Just like Spider-Man, novice traders face various common problems. Explore these 4 common trading mistakes and learn how to steer clear of them.

14 September 2023
4 Ways One Piece Reminds Us of VTrade

From diverse markets to innovative strategies, find out how copy trading platform VTrade echoes Luffy’s journey to seek out One Piece.

6 September 2023
5 Essential Lessons Traders Can Learn from Formula 1

Rev up your trading game with 5 lessons inspired by the world of Formula 1, where speed, strategy, and precision reign supreme.

31 August 2023
5 Fortnite Tactics That Can Help You Trade Gold Successfully

Unlock the secrets to successful gold trading with 5 proven Fortnite-inspired tactics to maximise your profits.

22 August 2023
What The Nun II Can Teach Us About Trading Psychology

Get tips on trading during turbulent times and find out what The Nun II can teach you about building a winning mindset for the markets.

11 August 2023
4 Things Traders Can Learn From Chess Genius Magnus Carlsen

Gain a mental edge and enhance your trading with inspiration from the world’s top-ranked chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.

2 August 2023
Brave New World: How AI Is Changing Forex Trading Forever

Arguably more than any other sector, the world of forex trading has consistently been shaped by the onset of new technology. When the concept of trading assets in a public setting first came about, traders literally used to call out …